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 18th Annual World Power Wheelstanding Championships

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Illinois Chaos
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PostSubject: 18th Annual World Power Wheelstanding Championships   October 6th 2012, 8:51 pm

As some of you know our Midwest Index Shootout has been selected as one of the featured races this weekend at Byron. Because I have already won SH, I was asked to move up from Street Heat 11.60 to Street Limited 10.80. Today was qualifying and the finals are tomorrow. Not only did I get another PB, I am the #1 qualifier in SL. Boy was I surprised! Wish me luck.

It was a long cold day with 2 notable disasters. One guy in a Rustang spread tranny fluid right down the entire right lane for the full 1320. Then an hour or so later, when they got the clean up done and started running again there was a horrific wreck. Left lane this time. He popped a wheelie on his launch and when he came down a frontend part broke. Sending him into the wall, which created a stuck wide open throttle. He careened off the left wall and shot straight across the track into the right wall, then at full speed went back almost head on into the right wall again. It was awful to watch. Byron FD and Rescue Squad showed up and when they saw the wrecked car called Flight for Life. Then a tow truck came after to hau it away. They had to cut the unconscious guy out of the car. Afterwards he woke up and other than him complaining of pain in his right arm, they said he had no broken bones and he was pretty good. They flew him out in the FFL chopper as a precaution, because of how totalled the car was. I saw it and it was fucked up deluxe. It was CRUSHED and cut up!

Anyway here are my slips from today I'm 85.

18th Annual World Power Wheelstanding Championships

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PostSubject: Re: 18th Annual World Power Wheelstanding Championships   October 6th 2012, 8:58 pm

Best of luck to you tomorrow Tom, I know you can win it all!! Too bad about the wreck,glad to hear the guy is ok. Hopefully tomorrow everyone can keep it straight.
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18th Annual World Power Wheelstanding Championships
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